I love Harry Potter and Ariel.

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if you’re a girl and you call everyone “bro” you need to stop because you sound unattractive and stupid

if you’re a person who thinks someone shouldn’t be allowed to use certain words because of their gender you need to stop because you sound unattractive and stupid

I am a broken guitar string,
snapping and singing
like a dying animal out front of
the restaurant because this
is our third fight this week
and I’m tired.

Tell me to shut up so I can
get louder.
Tell me I’m embarrassing you
so I can start dancing while the other couples watch.
See, when I said I loved you,
I meant all of you. Every blessed inch.
When I said I loved you, I meant
even when you were unraveling.

Now, when I am ugly with anger, righteous with spite,
you don’t like how it looks on me,
so I stay that way;
a statue of graceless rage that
you thought you could love because
you never saw what it looked like
when it was staring at you.

There is a kingdom in me,
and sometimes it is burning.
Sometimes, I let it.
I promise never to hide this from you.
That is my vow.
I promise to be an open mouth.
I promise to stay fractured.
I promise to be imperfect.
I promise to be the bravest
broken window you’ve ever seen.

Caitlyn Siehl, Difficult (via alonesomes)

Sometimes you have to be your own fucking hero.

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Phoenix Monumentour, 8/8/14 (via impracticalexpectations)


chill hazel grace its a metaphor


chill hazel grace its a metaphor

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but why do we always make everything about race…. right? 


if someone trusts you enough to tell u a secret please keep it

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after watching anaconda


And in this gifset I demonstrate to you how I feel after 90% of my conversations

I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am more than that. I am strong and caring. I am both confident and insecure. I am simultaneously one of the kindest and meanest people you will ever meet. I am ugly, I am beautiful, and I am bursting with fire. I am home to strange and brilliant thoughts. I am heavily flawed and I am still good enough. I am so much, and I will never allow myself to be reduced to a single word again. Even when I am sad, I am still so much more. I am not the sad girl anymore. No, I am everything.

Researchers at the University of Colorado found that women and non-whites executives who push for women and non-whites to be hired and promoted suffer when it comes to their own performance reviews. A woman who shepherds women up the ranks, for example, is perceived as less warm, while a non-white who promotes diversity is perceived as less competent. Both end up being rated less highly by their bosses, according to the paper.

White men, on the other hand, actually got a bump in their performance review scores from valuing diversity.

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